Sacroiliac Joint Injections Raleigh

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Sacroiliac Joint Injection is performed to help relieve pain and inflammation caused by Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. Even the slightest movement by these joints can ache and cause discomfort in the lower back and legs. The injection aims to determine that the Sacroiliac Joint is causing pain and helping the body get rid of that pain.

The skin and tissue around the joint are numbed using a local anesthetic. Either Lidocaine, Bupivacaine, or a Corticosteroid is injected into Sacroiliac Joint. If this helps alleviate the pain in the joint and surrounding areas immediately, it confirms the source of the pain. Patients report that the pain relief lasts days, weeks, and in some cases, even months if combined with physical therapy.

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