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I have been seeing Dr. Sonia Pasi for the past three years. I had tremendous pain in my neck and whenever I turned my head you could hear the bones cracking. The MRI said advanced arthritis. I was also a former Navy carrier pilot. I was 76 and an avid golfer. Through an Internet search I found Advanced Pain Consultants. Dr. Pasi evaluated me and and based on her recommendation, over the course of eight months had two rounds of Faucet shots and radio ablation. I was pretty much pain free after the first round of shots. After three years, I have full rotation of my neck and no pain. Scroll forward three years and because of golf and old age I have had major lower back pain. Again Arthritis. Dr. Pasi gave me bilateral shots in my lower back and within a week, I am pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Pasi and Advanced Pain Consultants. I call her my "Miracle" Doctor.


I was referred to Dr Pasi by my GP 2 yrs ago for severe back pain that was progressively getting worse and going into my hip and down my leg. Dr Pasi began with injections, then nerve block with very little relief. She started giving me medications for relief and referred me for PT. After PT did not help she progressed to stronger pain meds, constantly monitoring my dosage and effects. When stronger opioid meds did not help and my pain was getting worse Dr. Pasi suggested I consider having a neuro stimulator implanted. She referred me to a surgeon that would install the stimulator. The surgeon said surgery was not recommended due to the condition of my back and he also recommended I try the stimulator. The stimulator was put in a little over a month ago and although I still have some pain, I can now have some periods of no pain. I can finally enjoy having a life again. My thanks to Dr Pasi for being so knowledgeable and caring over the past two years.


I will never have another major surgery without their help. My first back surgery took me through a year of hellish pain. I never knew that a pain specialist could help with my recovery. When I needed another back surgery, I swore to never go through that kind of pain again and found Dr. Pasi. I came home from the hospital with a 9 out of ten pain level for the first two days (it was a weekend) knowing I had an appointment on Monday. After receiving the low dose proper pain medicine, my pain level went down to a 2 only four days after a more involved back surgery. I didn't want to suffer for another year. I am frequently monitored to make sure that I am taking the correct dosage and not abusing the medication which is how it should be. The people who abuse prescription medication makes it difficult for those of us who truly need the medicine for a period of time to get through a surgery. My surgeon said that the DEA only approves five days of narcotics post back surgery. I only am able to take a certain few medications due to intolerance or ineffective problems. That's why I asked my surgeon prior to seeing Advance Pain Specialist if this is what I need to have a positive experience with minimal pain after major back surgery. It has been the best decision to aid in my recovery. I don't have an addictive personality and assume Advance Pain Specialist can spot someone with one quickly. I absolutely recommend any person who knows they will have a painful recovery to contact them and make the best decision of their lives. Dr. Pasi is a sweet, calm and caring person who can help with either short term pain or long term pain management. Call owe yourself that.


I been a patient of Dr. Sonia Pasi almost 2 yrs. I highly recommend Dr. Pasi. When I first went to Dr. Pasi I was in a great deal of pain, I feel a lot better than when I first went. She the best Doctor that I ever been too. She is a people person, and she know how to comfort her patients. And I can"t say enough about her wonderful staff, Yolanda, Marissa. and Jay thank you.


I can honestly say without a single moments hesitation that Dr. Pasi is by any length the absolute best doctor that I have ever had the privilege of receiving healthcare from!!!! After what seemed to be a loosing battle with previous medical "professionals" I had basically reached the conclusion that the pain I was constantly being consumed by wouldn't be something that would just go away, but rather bite down harder and harder into the actual functions of my life like a crippling vice that just cuts to the point that you begin to feel that you no longer have a life to live because of the profound effects that constant pain inflicts onto every single aspect of your being. I had literally seen 15 doctors before luckily discovering the one that was right for me, and during our very first season together she told me "I will be the last doctor you'll need to see!" Hearing those words from someone with the ability to actually open multiple doors to access levels of relief that other doctors had previously told me would never happen was like hearing I had won the lottery!!!! No other doctor ever really sat down and spoke to me like a person that was in a great deal of pain rather then a folder with a name that would be forgotten before I was out the door!!! And it's true when I say other doctors had told me I would be this way for the rest of my life!!! Hearing that had cast me into a void of hopeless darkness, which had I listened to what some of the other doctors with compassion like broken glass had said to me I probably wouldn't be typing this right now because the thought of being that way for the remainder of my life was something I didn't really see as an option and had basically decided that if this were to be the quality of my life then the quantity held no importance and I would be better off having no life at all!!! It was Dr. Pasi that changed that grim outlook I had fixed my gaze upon with her uplifting dedication to solving the problems I was having, but only after first getting to know a little about me, the way my life had been effected by these injuries, and was the first doctor to look at the folder of information I had collected during this extremely long path and point out with information that none of the previous doctors had even bothered to mention!! She explained changes in diet, encouraged the ideas I had towards wanting to attempt physical rehabilitation before any sort of surgical procedures!!!! And while the recovery has been long and often tedious and annoying - I can't even imagine how much worse it would all be if I had never met her!!! I take full responsibility for much of my suffering because I didn't think it was serious and would pass, and two years later it had only gotten worse because I had no idea as to how I should correctly go about repairing my body and readiness to move on beyond a life of constant pain!!! And just like she said during our very first meeting, she has been the last doctor I've had to see about this issue!! And while some days prove rough, a single day from time to time is far from constant agony!!! I respect her greatly for being one of the few doctors I've ever met that will sit back and let you talk and explain everything that's happening and help figure out the best way to reach your own expectations towards living a normal life!!! She didn't rush me in and out!! She actually looked me in the eyes when talking, which may sound insignificant, but go to a doctors appointment and have the "professional" not look at you one time, and you quickly understand how cold some people can be and how to those doctors you're nothing more then a number attached to a folding that will be billed at a later date!! And while maybe a bit dramatic, I'm relatively certain that she saved my life without even knowing it!!! And she deserves every single word of praise in the review and I would strongly suggest those unfortunate individuals that have had the misfortune of suffering an injury that impedes on your daily life to waste no more time and see for yourself how her personality, performance, and pure concern outshines most if not all other doctors in this field of medicine, and if I've never taken the time to do so in person, I hope that this review will stand as my personal and official thank you, Dr. Pasi for being exactly who you are - a fantastic human being!!!


Dr. Pasi established on my first visit, that she would take her time to determine what was causing pain in my back. She is a wonderful caring doctor and has taken the time to explain every procedure. With the injection to my spine and the excellent physical therapy provided by her office I am well on way to managing my back pain. I drive one hour to see a doctor that has proven herself to be very knowledgeable about advanced pain problems. I recommend Dr. Pasi to anyone having problems with pain to give Dr. Pasi a chance to work with you.


I'd give Dr Pasi a 10 if I could! She's a number 1!, first class. Dr Pasi is everything your looking for in a treating physician. She is caring, knowledgeable, up to date and treats with a multi-dimensional approach. She takes the time to hear your concerns and goes over all of your personal/individual needs to come up with the best treatment plan possible. Advanced Pain Consultants offers so much under one roof. Diagnosis and treatment plans, Physical Therapy, a wonderful Psychologist Dr. Lefebvre that helps you cope with your condition. A wonderful caring staff. Ylonda, Melissa, Ujas all friendly, kind, compassionate souls with an understanding towards their patients. Like I said everything your looking for in a treating facility. Love em all and a great big thank you for being there.


i was sitting in a SHP patrol vehicle on 12-24-14 blocking traffic for a fatal accident when a large commercial bus struck my vehicle from behind. I had numerous injuries and spent six days at Duke Hopsital. Afterwards I still was experiencing very bad pain in my neck and back. Dr. Pasi found that I had bulging discs in my neck and back and went through a very lengthy treatment process of facet injections and radio frequency ablations which have made my pain much easier to deal with.


Upon my arrival I was greeted by the entire staff with a smile and good morning. After the check in process was completed, my wait time was less than 1 minute before I was taken to the exam room. After the nurse to vitals, I was then seen by Dr. Pasi. The professionalism of the staff she has assembled is outstanding!


Very good Doctor to go to, Dr. Pasi is excellent in her field. I have been going to her office for years. She is polite and kind. And she really cares about my well being. She listens to me and she knows what to do to help me with my back or nerve issues.


From the front office to the back office, they provided excellent compassionate and competent care for me following an automobile accident. Using both traditional and natural treatment modalities, they were able to remove all of my pain. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Very professional and excellent service. Doctor Pasi and her team sincerely cares about their patients. They treat me with integrity,dignity and respect. They know me by name when I arrive for an appointment and staff are kind to me. This is a great place to go when you want to receive the proper care you deserve.


I have been seeing dr. Pasi for the last 5 years and the level of care that her and her practice have shown me are excellent. It is very rare that you find A dr. that you enjoy going to every month thank you dr. Pasi and staff.


The staff is amazing and Dr. Pasi is wonderful. She listens, really listens, and is easy to talk to you. In the same she is also compassionate and truly focused on finding the right treatment to deal with pain.


Dr. Pasi is a good Dr. I have been going to her for years and she works really hard to help me control my pain. I know how I was feeling before I went to her office, and I will highly recommend her to anyone.


Dr. Pasi has been a great doctor. She is easy to work with and only wants the best for me.


Knowledgable skilled caring staff. Have been struggling with sciatica pain in back and knee for over a decade, sought out numerous doctors with no major long term pain relief. Advanced Pain Consultants has given me the most relief in the shortest amount of time. I feel they have given me my life back.


I have been a patient of Dr. Pasi for a short time, but during that time I have been able to meet an amazing staff from the time I walk in until the time I see dr pasi. The staff is always professional and compassionate.


Dr Pasi and her staff are amazing. They make sure they understand how they can help you achieve a higher quality of life.




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