Traumatic Brain Injury Raleigh

Traumatic Brain Injury

A big jolt or blow to the head or body can result in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even a form of object that pierces the skull and enters the brain can lead to traumatic brain injury. But remember, not everything that hits your head hard will lead to TBI. Some types of TBI can cause temporary or short-term problems affecting normal brain function, such as how a person thinks, behaves, understands, moves, communicates, etc. Mild TBIs can lead to dizziness for a few seconds to minutes, moderate TBI can make you unconscious for a longer time, and the confusion it creates can last for weeks. Whereas in more severe TBI cases, unfortunately, it can even lead to the death of a person.

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What Causes Traumatic Brain Injury?

People most commonly get TBIs from

  • Fall
  • Firearm-related injury
  • Motor vehicle crash
  • Assault

Meanwhile, the signs of brain trauma can vary, and one can experience physical and emotional changes in case of traumatic injuries. Some of them are headaches, balancing issues, vision problems, seizures, confusion, trouble communicating like speech issues, difficulty focusing, reasoning, etc.

Our Approach

Traumatic brain injuries may or may not be emergencies. TBI may be confined to one area, known as focal injury, or occur over a widespread area, known as diffuse injury. We thoroughly assess the patient’s medical history, family history, signs, or symptoms and examinations. Tests such as CT scan, MRI, etc., can help determine the correct diagnosis. Then, we create a personalized treatment plan to help the patient find relief and resume daily activities. Our healthcare practitioners will provide care and support throughout the patient’s recovery and thereafter. We always treat patients while thinking about their best interests.

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